What's The Best Phone Case For You?

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We offer three styles for your next high quality, protective phone case. This selection gives you the option to order the best fit for your needs. 

Whether you're after high protection, sleek slim snap-ons for quick changes, or a silky-soft flexible feel - we got you covered. 😉 See what we did there?

Phone cases are nothing new. But they do say a lot about their owner. Sneaker phone cases for example will undoubtedly let the world know you are a sneaker-head, whereas a Kobe case would align yourself with fans across the globe.

What do you want yours to say about you?

Here at SZN we know that you want something different, something that sets you apart and we want to bring you the best range of cases to not only protect your phone properly, but to get you and your phone standing out. Our two hero collections:


"The people we all know, love and admire"


"The most important feature in anyones outfit"

We have brought you three different types of cases to suit your individual needs; the flexi case, the slim case and the tough case.


The flexi case allows your phone to shine through while also featuring our extremely cool designs.


The slim case is for the minimalist, the one who wants to keep their phone sleek while protected.


The tough case is in the name, it keeps your phone well protected from any drops or bangs. This is for those that are a little happy go lucky with their phone, don’t worry, we're the same.

Each of our cases supports wireless charging with their slim profiles, so say goodbye to those bulky phone cases. Here are the key features of each case in case you needed a closer peep for those features and benefits kinda people 🤓.

The Flexi case:

  • Slim form and lightweight.
  • Totally flexible
  • Resistant to tear
  • Slimline and low profile
  • Fitting tightly
  • Precise cut outs for connectivity & button pushing
  • Supports wireless charging

The Slim case:

  • Extremely strong plastic
  • Super slim
  • Impact resistant
  • Lightweight and sleek
  • Durable Rubber interior plate
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Doesn't add bulk to your carry

The Tough case:

  • Extremely strong plastic exterior shield
  • Rubber interior plate
  • Impact resistant
  • Durable Rubber bumper bar plate
  • Supports wireless charging


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